Meet the Artist has been a celebrated series at Lincoln Center for more than 30 years. Now, it has blossomed to a pair of full seasonal series. Meet the Artist School Series and Meet the Artist Saturdays. Each is comprised of world class interactive performance workshops coupled with question and answer sessions and features artists from a wide array of disciplines.

To receive a brochure, please call Meet the Artist at 212.875.5377 or email [email protected]

The Meet the Artist School Series is a highlight of education and outreach at Lincoln Center. Providing a wide range of interactive performances specially created for students, the series connects audiences with artists while introducing them to the world's leading performing arts organization. Now in its 34th year, Meet the Artist delights thousands of students annually with every show and tour. Each performance is crafted with the common core curriculum in mind. Look for cross-curriculum interest and core standard relevance after each program description. This year, you will receive free Teacher Resource Guides, developed by Lincoln Center Education, available with each program.

LCE Mission
To enrich the lives of students, educators and lifelong learners by providing opportunities for engagement with the arts on stage, in the classroom, digitally and in the community.

The arts cultivate a unique skill set that is indispensable for the 21st century: problem solving, collaboration, communication, imagination, and creativity. Lincoln Center, the world’s premier performing arts center, translates those skills from the stage to the lives of children, equipping them for success in their careers ant to serve as active participants in their communities. We offer a distinctive approach to education that helps young minds perform in a dynamic world. Engagement, Creativity, Integrity, Equity, and Joy are LCE’s core values and are inherent in our practice and in our programming.

Meet The Artist School Series/Meet The Artist Saturdays is sponsored by Morgan Stanley.