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March 30, 2012

Vehicular and Pedestrian Closures on W. 65th St. from 9 pm Friday, March 30 to 6 am Monday April 2

Transforming Lincoln Center

From Friday evening March 30 through Monday morning April 2, pedestrian and vehicular traffic along West 65th St. will be temporarily suspended west of the Lincoln Center Theater entrance (southern sidewalk) and the stair to the Samuel B. and David Rose Building (northern sidewalk). During this time, the major components of an ADA accessible pedestrian bridge spanning the street will be installed. The bridge is scheduled for completion in fall 2012 as one of Lincoln Center’s final redevelopment projects.

Following are details for the weekend of March 30:

Friday, March 30 at 9 PM

65th St. and the southern sidewalk west of the Lincoln Center Theater entrance are closed. At approximately 11 PM, the northern sidewalk under the bridge landing will also close to pedestrians. These sections will remain closed until 6 AM Monday morning.

Friday, March 30 at 9 PM – Monday April 2 at 6 AM

The 65th St. Rose Building (Icon) Garage ramp will be closed. Pedestrian access to the Garage will remain via the 65th Rose Bldg. exterior elevator. Vehicular access will be available from 66th St.

The 65th St. entry to the Park and Lock Garage will be closed.

Access to the Rose Bldg. from Amsterdam will be available from the 65th St. elevator and escalators, and from Broadway via the stairs by the Garage entrance, or through Juilliard via elevator.

Monday, April 2 at 6 AM

The street and sidewalks are scheduled to re-open.

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